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What is Lucenta Deer Placenta

Lucenta deer placenta is the result of excellent development of biochemical technology which is the patent rights from New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany and USA. It has been know as the most advanced cell therapy that comes in capsule from containing 2000mg of active cell abstracts and unique functions to growth factors and transfer factors

Where Does The Essence of Lucenta Deer Placenta come from?

The essence of Lucenta deer placenta is extracted from the deer placenta and they are raised under the special care and supervision of medical professionals and scientists. It is the natural ingredients obtained from deer in the natural delivery process which does not involved any death to the deer. It is the contribution of modern technology that is most bio-compatible to humans.

Are the deer cells compatible with human body?

Yes. The cells of deer will be absorbed into human cells naturally without ANY obstruction or exclusions and NO symptoms of diseases will be transmitted.

Will Lucenta deer placenta capsule ensure that the active cell essences are absorbed by human’s body effectively?

Each of the Lucenta deer placenta capsule us uniquely coated with double-layer soft gel to withstand stomach acid, the capsules only dissolve in the small intestine to maximize the body’s absorption of placenta’s ingredients.

Between Lucenta deer placenta capsules and the placenta stem cell injection, which is the best option?

Due to the potential i trigger sensitive, rejection and bacterial infection, placenta stem cell injection needs to be supervised by medical practitioner. The orthodox Switzerland placenta injection is made based on individual condition and requirement. Although the placenta injection market is growing, only those who are wealthy can afford it. Lucenta deer placenta performs the similar effectiveness, and it is also suitable for every individual and easily available. Moreover, it is more cost effective and with virtually no risk at all.

Why is Lucenta deer placenta much more effective than other cell therapy supplements?

Lucenta is adopted with the latest advanced cell extraction and freeze-drying technology; its concentration is 2000mg deer placenta to 100mg capsule. Lucenta also contains abundant growth factors (IGFs) and transfer factors; it plays a very important role in the cell therapy process which is very rarely found in other products.

Does Lucenta deer placenta cell therapy have any side effects?

Lucenta deer placenta is a cell therapy method, it is not a medication and it does not contain ant chemicals, it is extremely safe and reliable. Hence, even long term consumption will not lead to any side effects. Lucenta deer placenta is produced under strict quality management. It is produced under numerous international safety standards and has successfully acquired several international recognition and awards, to ensure its safety and effeciveness.

How long do i need to consume Lucenta deer placenta

The ideal period would be 7 months. The deterioration of physiological body functions required a period of time to repair and depends on individual physical differences; we suggest long term consumption as an ideal in maintaining the body health. However, the period of effectiveness depends on individual health condition. 

After 7 months cycle, is it necessary to continue taking Lucenta deer placenta?

Yes, you may continue the consumption . Long term consumption will not cause any side effects. Even when you stop consuming it; your body would not have any dependency issues. Long term consumption of Lucenta deer placenta brings you more youthfulness and boundless energy. 

How to consume Lucenta deer placenta?

We suggest 1-2 capsules per day. The amount consumed is based on individual need. Depending on personal needs, you can either increase or reduce the dosage. Advised to be taken on an empty stomach. In one to three weeks, you will be able to feel the vitality that runs throughout your body and your skin will be improved.

Can the Lucenta deer placenta can be taken together with other health supplements?

Of course, Lucenta deer placenta is 100% biological cell therapy, it does not contain any medicine, hence it is very safe and natural.

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